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Our bales come in all shapes and sizes

(Just like our customers)

Small, medium, large orders are all the same to us


At Peacocks we believe every customer is important, no matter how large or small the order. Bespoke orders of specialist grasses or hay for the Equine or domestic pet market are as important to us as our bulk deliveries and collections.

Straw Haylage


All types of straw available by the bale or by the tonne. We can quote competitive "on your farm" prices. Our bales are large square, round and conventional bales.


Available in various bale sizes from 3 x 3 hesston to 4 x 3 hesston or round. Various qualities available to suit your requirements.


Don't forget your pets!

We receive orders of grass and hay for domestic pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs.


Please do get in touch if this is something you need and we'll be happy to give you a quote for (small) bulk orders.



Large square bales, also available in small conventional bales and round bales. 

Usually rye-grass type, occasionally meadow. Premium quality horse hay also available.



Available in 3 x 3 hesston to 4 x 3 hesston . Various qualities for sheep, cattle and horses.

Multi purpose, multifunctional bales

Seating for social events, parties, gatherings, exhibitions, country fairs.

Filtration of water courses and ponds. (Barley Straw reduces algae bloom).

We even sell for building houses and for barriers at events.

Garden and farming supplies


Every order is a special delivery

We can deliver your order or have it collected. Get in touch to discuss how we can get your order to you, be it locally or nationally. We continue to bale up straw and grass on other local farms to sell over winter to livestock farmers.


For quantities, prices and product and delivery information

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