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About Peacocks of Thirsk


We're well seasoned..

The Peacock family have been farming at Leake, near Thirsk for nearly 90 years. Our home farm is a local landmark as it is situated on the southbound side of the A19...just a farm and a church that is illuminated at night…the village that was here in 1066, was gone by 1300AD

As our family grew we built a new farm on the edge of Borrowby village on fields that were locally know as Leake Greens. The green church lane which originally linked the village with the church for many centuries runs down the side of the new farm.

Traditionally a mixed farm that like many others needed to expand and diversify in the 1980’s. Starting out with a David Brown tractor and a round Claas baler, Brian took to the road baling and bagging round bale silage, and during harvest baling up straw.

A chance purchase from a Polythene bag manufacture led to us selling silage bags, which in turn progressed to selling all the products we use in bulk to other farmers & contractors in the area. Balewrap in all sizes, twine in all strengths, and netwrap for round balers.

As we developed and expanded the contract baling we were asked if we could supply baled straw to load on trucks in the field. It was a good way to extend the use of our balers. In the late 90’s we started delivering our own straw.


Peacock family associations with horses led to selling haylage, hay & straw into the equestrian market, we soon found ourselves growing specialist grasses specifically for that market. We have been producing haylage for about 40 years.

We sell all sizes of straw and hay bales. We sell mainly to Farmers and into Equestrian Yards. But we also sell to Smallholders and Pet owners. Small bales of hay and straw for seating at parties, for filtration of water courses and ponds. We even sell for building houses, barriers at events, and to many Gardeners.

We currently farm approximately 500 acres, specialising in growing grasses as a crop, plus cereal and break crops. We also continue to bale up straw and grass on other local farms to sell over winter to livestock farmers.

We couldn’t operate without the help and support of our staff most of whom have been with us many years. Thank you & 3 Cheers to them all!  Our Customers & Suppliers too.

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